Underground Railroad

Author: Colson Whitehead Who Picked It: Sina Who Came: Sina, Lisa, Katie, Linda, Greta, Debra and Rachel Where we met: NAPLES!!!!!!! What we thought: First, it needs to be mentioned that we ALL, yes all 7 made it to Naples for 3 nights. After years of talking about returning to the Fitz Carlton it only…

The Association of Small Bombs

Author: Karan Mahajan Who Picked It: Katie Who Came: Lisa, Katie, Linda, Greta, Debra and Rachel Where we met: Bukhara Indian What we thought: Most of us read a good portion of this one but very few actually finished it. It wasn’t that we didn’t like it it just seemed to drag a bit in the middle….

The Promise of Stardust

Author: Priscille Sibley Who Picked It: Linda Who Came: Lisa, Katie, Linda, Greta, Debra, Rachel and Sina via FaceTime Where we met: Linda’s house What we thought: Well…Linda was supposed to write this review but, well, she didn’t. So, you’ve got Debra again 🙂 We all really, really liked this book and for the first time in a long…

The Little Paris Bookshop

Author: Nina George Who Picked It: Lisa Who Came: Greta, Debra, Rachel Where we met: Punch Bowl Social What we thought: Well, the book may have been a total bust (I don’t think ANY of us got past page 75) and the group may have been tiny but it was still a great bookclub meeting! We were all…

Behold the Dreamers

Author: Imbolo Mbue Who Picked It: Greta Who Came: Greta, Debra, Linda, Rachel, Katie Where we met: Greta’s House What we thought: Our 2016 holiday party which was awesome as always. Greta made quite a spread and the gift swap oddly had no “stinkers” in the mix. Really liked this one. Great discussion.

It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying’s Cool Too)

Author: Nora McInerny Purmont Who Picked It: Debra Who Came: Rachel, Linda, Lisa, Greta, Debra Where we met: Debra’s basement for adult hot drinks What we thought: Liked it. Didn’t love. Got a little repetitive but really liked the author. Great audio book.

But What If We’re Wrong?

Author: Chuck Klosterman Who Picked It: Rachel Who Came: Rachel, Greta, Linda, Debra Where we met: Third Bird What we thought: Well, not everyone read it but we did think it was thought provoking. Rachel brought a card game that went along with the book and that was great! Good discussion. Even better food.

The Invention of Wings

Author: Sue Monk Kidd Who Picked It: Sina Who Came: Rachel, Linda, Greta, Katie, Lisa, Debra Where we met: Linda’s house What we thought: I think those who read it seemed to realllllly like it! But mostly we were focussing on Baby Levi at this book club who was 10 days old.

The Nest

Author: Cynthia D’Aprix Sweeney Who Picked It: Katie Who Came: Rachel, Greta, Katie, Lisa, Linda, Debra Where we met: Redstone (brand new at Ridgedale) What we thought: Not sure what we thought!

Luckiest Girl Alive

Author: Jessica Knoll Who Picked It: Linda Who Came: Rachel, Linda, Katie, Greta, Lisa, Debra and SINA!!!! Where we met: Linda’s house What we thought: I think we liked it?? Regardless…the headline of this night was that Sina came and surprised Debra for her third baby shower, sprinkle, drizzle (third kid at least deserves a drizzle, no??)

Brain on Fire

Author:Susannah Cahalan Who Picked It: Lisa Kessel Who Came: Where we met: No idea What we thought: Really liked this one but left us all freaked out that we were going to all go completely crazy and everyone would send us straight to a mental hospital.

The Turner House

Author:Angela Flournoy Who Picked It: Greta Who Came: Where we met: What we thought: